30th May, 2010

walk in the dusk of the evening,
small roadside innuminations
~ saxifrage


27th May, 2010

Higher and higher,
above the grayish countenance,
reach to the blue sky



22nd May, 2010

enveloped in the scent of lily,
an insect takes a nap
in the most luxurious bed


21st may, 2010

Rub my drowsy eyes,
open the frig.
a cream puff greets me.
what a lovely morning!


Flower of potato

We can tell the type of potato
by its color of flower
-a weekend farmer's trivia


"Did I tell this story before?" the gray-haired father asked.
"It's the first time" the daughter said.
a typical tarradiddle

"Have you done your homework?" the mother asked.
"Yes, I finished it!" the son said.
a typical tarradiddle

Sorry for my recent posts and deletes. I found spelling errors.
tarradiddle dee

Today's word is Tarradiddle
The definition is "a trivial lie","Silly talk or writing, humbug"



Go! go into hiding!
elementary school boys perambulate in your pond

Today's word is Perambulate
the definition is "to walk about, roam or stoll", "To inspect (an area) on foot"


A Spiderwort

A purple flower
longs for rain
-a spiderwort


Don't ask me to go out
I'm occupied for 24 hours
a haimish guard

Today's word is "haimish"
the definition is "homely"


Night Sky

On a cool evening,
Artemis holds Aphrodite
in her arms

Once in a day,
Helios sends a silent message to Aphrodite
she smiles back

At the very moment when Helios meets Aphrodite,
a gooseberry comes
a passing shower


Haiku Party

Yesterday, I joined a haiku party on Twitter.
It was very simple, from 9:00 pm (-6 GMT); just post a Twitter short poem with a hash tag of #haikuparty.
At first, I wondered if I could keep up the pace.
However, as I read the posts, I came up with two poems.

around the globe,
around the clock,
bubbles come out

on a vast barrenness,
rain drops are falling
from a cloud called the heart

Furthermore, it was fun to read the poems from various people across the world.
I enjoyed the party a lot!


13th May, 2010

Ostensibly tender green
prepares a sting to a careless intruder
a caterpillar


10th May, 2010

In a vacant lot with wild flowers
a restaurant is open
for sparrows


Mother's Day 9th May, 2010

Cooking with a worn-out recipe book
the book is filled with handwritten momos
of my mother


8th May, 2010

"Won't somebody buy me a coke?"
beach sandals are chatting,
while waiting for their masters


7th May,2010

An elderly woman
sells bamboo shoots at the roadside,
wisp of dirt on her hands


6th May, 2010

Walk in the shadow
under the sun of

Chocolate on a daughnut
is melting
in the heat of May


5th May, 2010

Open the window,
the breeze bring the smell of summer
into my room


4th May, 2010

a girl
gathering pink petals
at the beach

under the wisteria trellis,
in and out,
a cat's tail


3rd May, 2010

Variety of seedlings on display at a garden store
take a weekend gardener into fantasy,
rich harvest


1st May, 2010

Weed young vine clinging to the tree,
a snail is dozing in the shadow of the leaves,
walk away