June ends

a lotus bud swells
June ends
そろそろと 蕾ふくらみ 六月尽


a Hollyhock

day by day
become estranged
a hollyhock
日に日にと 隔たる思い 花葵

a Corn Silk

throw silks
hauls in summer
a corn
髭伸ばし 今年の夏を 手繰り寄す
hang on
for nectar
a butterfly
揚羽蝶 脚をふんばり 蜜を吸う

a Nap

simultaneously with a strap
a nap in a train

Languish, Fortemente

flower to flower
a butterfly flits
seemingly languished
forming a new life
past 6 p.m.
a mother calls her child
the summer sun knowingly watches
from above


Loqwacious ~aphoristic, mocha, peramene, lethean, misprision~

"Taking shelter from the rain is not enough; we must take a nap"
~an aphoristic cat~
the morning of Mr.Mochalove starts with a cup of mocha coffee, and a mocha cat purrs on his lap.
the summer breeze
brings a sound
peramene, peramene
my neighbor
takes up playing a harp
a weekend
the world
beyond a Lethean line
all I need is steaming coffee
Oops! forgot to turn on the coffee brewer
a home delivery
returned to the table
a dog licks his mouth and lunch is gone
doggy's eyes sparkle


a Water Pistol

a water pistol
shoot the sky
with a water pistol
to call in a rainbow
水鉄砲 空へ放って 虹を呼ぶ


Loqwacious from June 2 to 20

the blessing
to have a partner
who allows my fanfaronade 

"a luncheon at Restaurant Lucullan!", a luckless invitation for Ms. Dyspeptic.

a bamboo blind over a window
pour a lemonade
 in two glasses
a summery preparation of my room

eating a hot dog
orange and yellow
around your mouth
kustard color for two of us

my stream is graveled
with gold dust.
an aunctioneer
the gavel

composed of
selected parts
a home-built computer is
my one and only
even it's talkative

for denizens of Japan
summer is
very hot
or too hot
and humid.

children sweep
a swimming pool
a larva of
a dragonfly
in a little hand

Queen Belomacy draw blank arrows three times in a row,
then a blank one flew the furthest,
finally bunted by Marcos's donkey.

Lunar eclipse
the moon is hiding behind clouds
tried belomancy
the answer is
"God allows it me".

JABIRU is a weapon, secretly developed by King Osmar. It roams marshland and fires HEHEHE shells from its swollen gun barrel.

a rubious ring
glitters dubiously
a child's first trophy
at a shooting game
in summer festival.

spend hours
writing, entering, retweeting in a foreign language
you call me xenomania
just a monomania
a #lqw player

elevating dose limit rankles us. Are we tolerant of radiation?

Loqwacious is a daily word game created for those who want to face the challenge of writing fun or poetic entries with a given word. A new word is annouced at 1pm GMT every day. Write creative, clean, and courteous entries. No points/no votes. Just pure fun.

Haiku from June 4 to 17

mind your step
I'm here
a creeping strawberry

pick a color
from the sky
a hydrangea


give a poke
wiggles slightly
a goldbug
突いたら もぞと動けり 黄金虫
trapped in a spider's web
the more stir in it
the more entangled
a spider silk
lingering on a shoulder
inseparable ties
蜘蛛の糸 未だ外れぬ 腐れ縁
in a hideaway
a snake
sheds its old skin
a dried up snake's moult
in a child's treasure box.
蛇の殻 小箱に入れた宝物


the sun rises
in cloudy sky
a promise for a fine day
朝曇り 佳き日約して 日が昇る
Monday morning
an early summer rain taps the window
pretend didn't hear that
五月雨や 寝たふりしてる 月曜日
a mulberry
look at each other
put in the mouth
桑の実を 顔を見合わせ 口含む


The Summer Solstice

a doragon at dusk
at dusk~ a doragon ~goes west.
It was the summer solstice on June 22nd in Japan.
A doragon gave notice of the fine weather on midsummer day.
I, like an earthworm, was grilled by the merciless sun on the road.

the summer solstice
put the trash out
with a shortened shadow
夏至の朝 短き影と ゴミを出す

midsummer day
indigo blue dishes
夏至の日に 藍の器が 届いたり
midsummer heat
surges at
nostrils and a throat
夏至の熱 鼻孔に喉に 押し寄せる
midsummer afternoon
an aged father eagerly watches
Samurai TV dramas
夏至の午後 仁と黄門 父夢中


the Rainy Season

look closely
a raindrop
the world
upside down
mizzly morning
a beauty stands under an umbrella
an iris
烟る朝 傘さす佳人 花菖蒲
adorn the table
with freesias
jolly looking flowers
please clear off
lingering rain clouds

We are now in the rainy season.
During the rainy, we have "drizzle fall continuously for days in Japan.
So plants, animals and people rejoice to see a spell of fine weather.


Meigetsu-in ~azure hydrangeas and Irises~

June is the season of a hydrangea and Iris.
Meigetsu-in is a temple where azure hydrangeas are very popular.

Meigetsuin blue
called "Meigetsuin blue"
those flowers in the temple
the doyen of hydrangea

a little sister
I'm young
 my petals are still pale
 but gradually
 it will become thicker
like my elder sisters.

Behind the main hall, there is a garden.
Hundreds of Irises bloom in June.

Five sisters

As I was beside myself with taking pictures, a pretty purple flower peeks through fern fronds.
イワタバコ (gesneriaceae)
a fairy
rears her head
a pretty purlple flower


More photos of Meigetsu-in


The first home-built PC

This is my first home-built personal computer.

Until two weeks ago, I haven't imagined that I would make it.
 However, my PC, which I usued for four years, are having continuous problems and it was almost impossible to use it.
So I planned to buy a new one and studied about the recent PC, abilities and price. 
Things I require for the PC are to be able to use Painter and handle RAW data.
I asked at Kakaku.com, it's a shopping site with SNS function.
I got helpful information there.  For instance, for CPU sandy bridge series are good, a graphic board isn't necessary for me.

Then I read magazines about PC parts and DISCOVERED.
The door to a home-built PC is opened.

Select parts, go to a PC parts shop and consult with a salesperson and buy parts.
It took me almost one day to buid a PC.
I had many problems, but it was fun to solve them one by one by refering manuals and serching internet.
The manual of the motherboard which can be obtained at the maker's web page was really helpful.

List of Parts
  • CPU -- Intel Core i-5 2400 
  • Mother board -- ASUS P8H67-V Rev3.0
  • Memory -- Silicon Power 4GB x 2
  • HDD -- Hitachi 500GB
  • PC case -- Coolmaster CM2 plus
  • Power Supply Unit -- Gigabyte powerRock 500w
  • OS -- Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Now I'm writing this article by using it.
It runs very smoothly and quietly.
God saved my money...


Picnic to Mt.Fuji

When an unusual typhoon hit Japan in May, my friend and I reklessly headed toward Mt. Fuji area.

We took Gotemba line from Numadu to Gotemba.
The typhoon changed to tropical cyclone and passed Kanto area in the early morning.

In Gotemba, the moutain lifted the veil and said hello to us.

Mt.Fuji viewed from Gotemba station
we got an useful information at a tourist counter at Gotemba station.
There is a public park named Jukuu-no-Mori (literally a forest in the air) with a garden, a restaurant, a theater and a nice view of the mountain.

from the observation platform
Eddying, swirling clouds

a rapid stream in the sky

On the way back from the park, we found a retired steam locomotive.

White clover

  white clovers
a retired steam locomotive
a dream of
bygone days


a Carp

a carp
narrowly escaped from pillory
heads to
a clean stream or
a dark pond of revenge


Today, the no-confidence motion against Kan voted down at the Lower House of Japan's Diet.

Bread crumbs

Good morning, sparrow
Since the nuclear plant exploded
children disappeared from parks
people avoid green shade
a sparrow sits on a back of a bench
looks for bread crumbs

パンくず目当ての雀は ベンチにとまり

Happy June!

Happy June! by yupius
Happy June!, a photo by yupius on Flickr.

June comes
baby monkeys do 
gymnastics in pairs