Meigetsu-in ~azure hydrangeas and Irises~

June is the season of a hydrangea and Iris.
Meigetsu-in is a temple where azure hydrangeas are very popular.

Meigetsuin blue
called "Meigetsuin blue"
those flowers in the temple
the doyen of hydrangea

a little sister
I'm young
 my petals are still pale
 but gradually
 it will become thicker
like my elder sisters.

Behind the main hall, there is a garden.
Hundreds of Irises bloom in June.

Five sisters

As I was beside myself with taking pictures, a pretty purple flower peeks through fern fronds.
イワタバコ (gesneriaceae)
a fairy
rears her head
a pretty purlple flower


More photos of Meigetsu-in

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