The first home-built PC

This is my first home-built personal computer.

Until two weeks ago, I haven't imagined that I would make it.
 However, my PC, which I usued for four years, are having continuous problems and it was almost impossible to use it.
So I planned to buy a new one and studied about the recent PC, abilities and price. 
Things I require for the PC are to be able to use Painter and handle RAW data.
I asked at Kakaku.com, it's a shopping site with SNS function.
I got helpful information there.  For instance, for CPU sandy bridge series are good, a graphic board isn't necessary for me.

Then I read magazines about PC parts and DISCOVERED.
The door to a home-built PC is opened.

Select parts, go to a PC parts shop and consult with a salesperson and buy parts.
It took me almost one day to buid a PC.
I had many problems, but it was fun to solve them one by one by refering manuals and serching internet.
The manual of the motherboard which can be obtained at the maker's web page was really helpful.

List of Parts
  • CPU -- Intel Core i-5 2400 
  • Mother board -- ASUS P8H67-V Rev3.0
  • Memory -- Silicon Power 4GB x 2
  • HDD -- Hitachi 500GB
  • PC case -- Coolmaster CM2 plus
  • Power Supply Unit -- Gigabyte powerRock 500w
  • OS -- Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Now I'm writing this article by using it.
It runs very smoothly and quietly.
God saved my money...

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