Loqwacious from June 2 to 20

the blessing
to have a partner
who allows my fanfaronade 

"a luncheon at Restaurant Lucullan!", a luckless invitation for Ms. Dyspeptic.

a bamboo blind over a window
pour a lemonade
 in two glasses
a summery preparation of my room

eating a hot dog
orange and yellow
around your mouth
kustard color for two of us

my stream is graveled
with gold dust.
an aunctioneer
the gavel

composed of
selected parts
a home-built computer is
my one and only
even it's talkative

for denizens of Japan
summer is
very hot
or too hot
and humid.

children sweep
a swimming pool
a larva of
a dragonfly
in a little hand

Queen Belomacy draw blank arrows three times in a row,
then a blank one flew the furthest,
finally bunted by Marcos's donkey.

Lunar eclipse
the moon is hiding behind clouds
tried belomancy
the answer is
"God allows it me".

JABIRU is a weapon, secretly developed by King Osmar. It roams marshland and fires HEHEHE shells from its swollen gun barrel.

a rubious ring
glitters dubiously
a child's first trophy
at a shooting game
in summer festival.

spend hours
writing, entering, retweeting in a foreign language
you call me xenomania
just a monomania
a #lqw player

elevating dose limit rankles us. Are we tolerant of radiation?

Loqwacious is a daily word game created for those who want to face the challenge of writing fun or poetic entries with a given word. A new word is annouced at 1pm GMT every day. Write creative, clean, and courteous entries. No points/no votes. Just pure fun.

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