Windless night,
a curtain swings,
a caprice cat comes home


~Billow, Chimerical~

Gaze absently
billow of the landry
in the washing machine,
fragments of memories
start swirling in my mind

Catch a fish with a bill
swim with a web, lay an egg
breast-feed a baby,
a chimerical creature
~a platypus


24th June, 2010

The rain stopped
young bamboos
bow to the sun

Take a bus in the morning
greet a lily
blooming along a road



The close sign is changed to open,
rush to the bakery
for a baquet.
The steaming French bread
is the flavor of Paris.


22nd June, 2010

Thin clouds overcast the morning sky,
wear a hazy smile



Follow the demure moon,
come back home
~ midsummer night

A stray cat watches
cautiously a stranger
in the demure moonlight.

21st June, 2010

High school students on a scool trip,
open a guidebook of Tokyo
in a husle and busle
of morning station

Commuters go
under sulky sky
with sulky faces
fix their eyes 5 meters ahead



Wake up with the dawn chortle #6words

a miniature duchshund puppy
with food,
you will get brobdingnagian miniature one.


19th June, 2010

At dusk
birds hurry to the nests
people hurry home
in an hour

Children paly at water's edge
a big wave comes
splash, splash
their chortle ricochet
against the bule sky

Forever young
it's an illusion
do you want an antiseptic injection
in the vascular?

Fresh in appearance
its vascular is filled with antiseptic fluid
~a preserved flower


18th June, 2010

a butterfly flutters over passing cars,
reach to the roadside park
draw a breath


17th June, 2010

Tumble out of a packed train
the crescent moon watches
hanged on the firmament

Lunch time in business district
colorful parasols are floating
in the stream of dark suit


16th June, 2010

A girl looks at the wall,
a swallow is feeding babies
in the nest

A lame rover transmits signals to the firmament,
stuck in the sand
#dedicate to Spirit Mars

Using Vu Vu instrument in the studium
is skullduggery of Kakistocracy.
auditory nerve in dudgeon.

Kakistocracy: state of hungriness, every thought is reined by empty stomach.


15th June, 2010

a dozen elephants keep step,
a mahout is a hierophant of elephant dance


12th June, 2010

Happy marriage
between rodomontade and conviction
gives attainment


11th June, 2010

"Wassyoi, wassyoi (heave-ho, heave-ho)"
children in festival costumes
bring the summer

Every morning and every night,
I open a box.
Smile, sign, giggles comes out of my mouth.
the box is hanging with spider silk.

Throw myself down on the bed,
lambent warmth of a cat
caresses my swollen feet


5th June, 2010

in a moonless night
look for a tiny moon in the field
~ evening primrose