The Summer Solstice

a doragon at dusk
at dusk~ a doragon ~goes west.
It was the summer solstice on June 22nd in Japan.
A doragon gave notice of the fine weather on midsummer day.
I, like an earthworm, was grilled by the merciless sun on the road.

the summer solstice
put the trash out
with a shortened shadow
夏至の朝 短き影と ゴミを出す

midsummer day
indigo blue dishes
夏至の日に 藍の器が 届いたり
midsummer heat
surges at
nostrils and a throat
夏至の熱 鼻孔に喉に 押し寄せる
midsummer afternoon
an aged father eagerly watches
Samurai TV dramas
夏至の午後 仁と黄門 父夢中

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