Haiku from June 4 to 17

mind your step
I'm here
a creeping strawberry

pick a color
from the sky
a hydrangea


give a poke
wiggles slightly
a goldbug
突いたら もぞと動けり 黄金虫
trapped in a spider's web
the more stir in it
the more entangled
a spider silk
lingering on a shoulder
inseparable ties
蜘蛛の糸 未だ外れぬ 腐れ縁
in a hideaway
a snake
sheds its old skin
a dried up snake's moult
in a child's treasure box.
蛇の殻 小箱に入れた宝物


the sun rises
in cloudy sky
a promise for a fine day
朝曇り 佳き日約して 日が昇る
Monday morning
an early summer rain taps the window
pretend didn't hear that
五月雨や 寝たふりしてる 月曜日
a mulberry
look at each other
put in the mouth
桑の実を 顔を見合わせ 口含む

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