Dear My Dog

A Snack?

Dear Yupie

I give
an orange gerbera daisy
to you

the vivid orange flower
reminds me of your cheerful smile

six years and ten months passed since you were born

wish we could spend more time together
wish we could laugh more together

Sleepless Night

Sleepless night
I count cards of regrets
If I watched you more closely
If I took you to the veterinarian immediately


Morning sun

the morning sun on our eyelids
your morning kiss

On 25th april, our dog, yupie suffered a heart failure and crossed the rainbow.

After the big earthquake on March 11, we had hundreds of aftershocks.
At each aftershock and warning sound, he was scared very badly.
But in other times, he was healthy and cheerful.

Yupie, we miss you so much.

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