Lotus Pond

Pink lotus
get up early
to see
a lotus flower
蓮の花 ひとめ見たくて早起きす

in the morning haze
a lotus flower opens
strangers exchange greetings

蓮の花 見知らぬ人と挨拶す

on 21 and 26 July, visited ponds in Hachimangu shirine, in Kamakura.
There are two ponds, Genji-ike and Heike-ike.
Except summer, the surface of the ponds is calm with ducks floating.
in April
In June, the ponds are covered with rustling leaves.
in June

White lotuspink lotus pondlotus pondPink lotusWhite lotus
Rain waterPink lotusLotus pondRaindrops
Lotus Pond, a set on Flickr.

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